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(21.353)   OPT FUJITSU S26361-F5243-L1 PRAID EP400I, RAID 5/6 CTRL SAS 1024 MB (LSI) 12GB/S 8PORT

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Technical details
Controller Silicon
RoC (RAID on Chip) LSI SAS3108

Controller type
RAID 5/6 Ctrl.

Operating system
Information to released operating systems can be found in the server datasheets. Details can be found in the released drivers list on the support portal.

Released drivers list link

Number of ports
8 ports int.

Connector internal
2x SFF8643 (Mini-SAS HD)

Data transfer rate up to
12 Gbit/s

Bus type
PCIe 3.0

Bus width

RAID Management
ServerView RAID Manager
StorCLI (command-line interface)
BIOS Configuration Utility

Key RAID Data Protection Feature
- RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 6
- RAID spans 10, 50 and 60
- Maximum number of spans is 8
- Online Capacity Expansion (OCE)
- Online RAID level Migration (RLM)
- Auto resume after loss of system power during array rebuild or reconstruction (RLM)
- Fast initialization for quick array setup
- Single controller multipathing (failover)
- Load Balancing
- Configurable stripe size up to 1MB
- Fast initialisation for quick array setup
- Check consistency for background data integrity - Make Data Consistent (MDC)
- Patrol read for media scanning and repairing
- Up to 64 logical drives per controller
- Up to 64TB LUN support DDF-compliant
- S.M.A.R.T support
- Global and dedicated Hot Spare with Revertible Hot Spare support
- Automatic rebuild
- Enclosure affinity
- Enclosure management
- SES (inband)
- SGPIO (outband)

RAID level
0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, 60

RAID cache backup unit
Optional FBU

RAID controller notes
based on LSI SAS3108

Interface technology

Order code

Product Name

Height of bracket
Full Height / Low Profile

RAID controller cache size
1 GB

Number of Connectors

Modulo TFM per FBU per RAID Ctrl (codice S26361-F5243-L1)

- DA ORDINARE con S26361-F5243-L110
FBU (Flash Backup Unit) per RAID Ctrl (codice S26361-F5243-L1 o S26361-F5243-L2) con cavo da 25/55/70 cm

Like DBA sas

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